LPGA Amateur Golf Association Cleveland Education Opportunities

We have a commitment to promote and foster a spirit of acceptance, dignity and respect for career-oriented women golfers.
One way we do that is to provide educational opportunities for our members whatever their level of experience. Our current education opportunities:

"Fairway Friends" - A Mentoring Program, is available for newer members who would like an opportunity to have an LPGA Amateur Golf Association member help them adjust to their new home course and/or help make that transition from instruction to playing golf. This program is open to all member golfers, provided you’ve been through a basic level of golf instruction. An LPGA Women Who Play mentor will help you get around the golf course safely and answer questions about etiquette, basic rules and the other nuances of the game in order to build your confidence and comfort in the golf course setting.

If interested, please check with your Course Director or contact Wendy Shick at

Golf With A Board Member - If you’re interested in learning more about LPGA Amateur Golf Association while spending some golf time with one of our Board members, please let us know. We’d be happy to share some time with you on the course and let you know more about our Chapter! Please contact Wendy Shick at 
 if interested.