Course Comparison

Course Comparison Chart

Course Par Yards Rating Slope
Sleepy Hollow 71 5,685 71.1 119
Sweetbriar 72 5,547 68.9 105
Briarwood 72 5,079 68.9 113
Grantwood 72 5,106 69.1 119
Berkshire Hills 72 5,512 71.8 122
Pine Ridge 74 5,328 70.5 119

The above chart provides a summary of the seven courses we use for league play. The rating and slope indicate the playability of each course. The numbers are issued by the USGA and assist in comparing one course to another for handicap purposes.

  • Rating - This is the score a zero handicap player should achieve. When compared to par, it indicates whether the course is easier or more difficult. If course par is 72 and rating is 72, then the course is neutral.
  • Slope - Measurement of a course's difficulty based on two factors - length and obstacles. Obstacles include water, traps, fairway width and difficulty of the putting greens. An average course slope value is 113.     

Sweetbriar, is of average length, but rated a little easier than the average course.

Grantwood, Pine RidgeBriarwood and Berkshire Hills, are fairly comparable. They are rated close to or a little harder than the average course. 

Please keep the above in mind if you have some leeway in the course you play. All courses are available for all members. However, the descriptions above should help you select the course that most suits your experience level. Obviously, where you work and live will have an impact on your decision. You can always start at The Links and convert later in the year to a different course as your skills progress during the season.